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About TOTO Pods TM

"Sustainably built spaces that support your business and wellbeing"

TOTO Pods are sustainable work-spaces with a difference! They provide the ultimate in flexible accommodation for up to four people and have a range of funding options that are equally as flexible!

Better still ... they feature the latest in cutting edge technology including app-controlled lighting, solar power and air purification systems to look after your health and wellbeing!

TOTO - Think Outside The Ordinary


The first step is to organise a simple site survey. During this survey we will ensure that the plot is suitable and identify any issues which may occur during the installation.


We will confirm a mutual date to install the concrete pad system, deliver the pod and connect up all of the services such as electricity and ethernet if required.


Your ready to go! Your pod has been delivered and connected up before being tested and signed off as fit for use. Lastly, we'll walk you through everything.



With a design and manufacture technique crafted through thousands of hours of research and development, TOTO Pods are hard wearing and well engineered.

Every material, fixture and fitting has been hand selected to produce the pods to exacting quality benchmarks.

Sustainability & Well-being 

Clean Air Coating

All TOTO models benefit from a clean air treatment on all of the external surfaces. This treatment reduces harmful gasses such as NOx and cleans the air.

Intelligent Lighting

The lighting in TOTO adjusts to temperature and brightness to provide a full spectrum which is proven to influence mental and bodily functions.

Designed for Healthy Minds

Both TOTO models have been carefully designed to support good mental health through open and ergonomic design - promoting a healthy work environment.

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